The 10 Smartest Animals in the World 2022

10. Rats - Rats are very smart animals. They are natural students and are very good at learning and understanding concepts.

9. Pigeons - Pigeons, one of the smartest animals, can recognize all 26 letters of the English language!

8. Crows - The Crow, a very smart animal, are one of the few non-primates that make tools.

7. Pigs - Pigs are considered by animal experts to be more trainable than dogs or cats and are very smart animals.

6. Octopi - The very smart octopus can navigate their way through mazes and solve problems quickly.

5. African Grey Parrots - African grey parrots are not only really smart animals, but they are also helpful!

4. Elephants - The very smart elephant can imitate the sounds of other elephants and even some human words.

3. Chimpanzees - Chimpanzees are very smart animals and are able to solve many different problems posed to them by human trainers and experimenters.

2. Bottlenose Dolphins - Researchers think that the very smart bottlenose dolphins are self-aware, which would indicate highly-developed, abstract thinking.

1. Orangutans - The very smart Orangutans will take their time to figure out a problem!