Major Sites of Indus Valley Civilization

1921 - Harappa (Sahiwal District, Punjab in the banks of Ravi) by Daya Ram Sahni Coffin burials

1922 - Mohenjo-Daro (Larkana District Of Sind on the bank of Indus) by R. D Banerjee Great bath, Granary, Unicorn Seals

1929 - Sutkagendor (Baluchistan on Dast river) by Stein Trade point between Harappa and Babylon

1931 - Chanhudaro (Mullan Sandha, Sind on the Indus river) by N G Majumdar Bangle Factory, Bead makers shop, Only city without a citadel

1935 - Amri (Close to Balochistan, on the bank of Indus river) by N G Majumdar Antelope, Rhinoceros’ evidence

1953 - Kalibangan (Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan) by Amlanand Ghose Wooden drainage, Evidence of earthquake

1953 - Lothal ( Gujarat on Bhogva River) by R. Rao First manmade port, Dockyard, Chess-playing

1964 - Surkotada (Gujarat) J P Joshi Bones of horses, Stone Covered Beads

1974 - Banawali (Fatehabad district of Haryana) by R S Bisht The only city with radial streets

1985 - Dholavira (Gujarat in Rann of Kutchchh) by R S Bisht Exclusive water management, Giant water reservoir, Unique water harnessing system