Billionaire bunkers to survive during wars

The Oppidum : Oppidum is the 'largest billionaire bunker' in the world. Located in the Czech Republic, this one is in the middle of the mountains.

Vivos Europa One : Made under a mountain, Vivos Europa One has the ultimate experience of a luxury house.

The Safe House : This bunker is literally to save one from blasts or if a zombie apocalypse broke out. The walls are like that of a transformer, that convert into comfortable, safe rooms.

Survival Condo Penthouse : A luxury subterranean condos and communal areas across the pond, which is a refurbished a former Atlas F nuclear missile silo in rural Kansas .

The Aristocrat : The luxury shelter named the Aristrocrat charges worth more than $8.3 million to get your own customised bunker.

Trident Lakes : It costs $449,00 to $1,949,000 on Trident Lakes bunker. Located in Texas

Shrublands Road : This converted nuclear bunker, located in the idyllic village of Mistley in Essex, UK, was built in 1951 during the Cold War.

Vivos Indiana, USA : It is one of the most fortified, nuclear-proof shelters built by Vivos.