All about Rabindranath Tagore!

Rabindranath Tagore Biography(7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941)

He received The Nobel Prize in Literature 1913

Tagore travelled, lectured, and read his poetry extensively in Europe, the Americas, and East Asia.

He became a spokesperson for Indian independence from British colonial rule.

He was a writer, song composer, playwright, essayist, painter

His writing were fiction in the form of poetry, songs, stories, and dramas.

His writings also include portrayals of common people's lives, literary criticism, philosophy, and social issues.

He started an experimental school at Shantiniketan where he tried his Upanishadic ideals of education.

Tagore was knighted by the British Government in 1915, but later he resigned as a protest against British.

Some of his famous poems are Gitanjali, Friend, Waiting, Paper Boats, Where the Mind is Without Fear