14 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Humans are the Only Animals That Enjoy Spicy Foods

2. Humans Are Also the Only Animals Whose Brains Shrink

3. Potato Chips Cause More Weight Gain Than Any Other Food

4. Bananas Can't Reproduce

5. It's Impossible to Hum While You Hold Your Nose

6. Bigger Forks Lead You to Eat Less

7. Cell Phones Are Full of Bacteria

8. The Longest-Living Insect is the Termite

9. Chewing Gum After a Meal Reduces Heartburn

10. Bees Can Detect Bombs

11. Boyfriends Do More Housework Than Husbands

12. The Longest Word You can Type With Just Your Left Hand is 'Sweaterdresses'

13. Naps Could Save Your Life

14. Newborns Don't Shed Tears