11 Interesting Facts About Gautam Adani!

Adani is the 4th world's richest man. Adani's wealth is now $112.9 billion

Gautam Adani was a college drop out

Gautam Adani was born in a family owning a textile business

He started a commodity exporting firm in 1988. 

Adani was a self-made millionaire at the age of 20, as a diamond broker.

Adani Power Limited cracked a deal to acquire Udupi Power Corporation Limited in just 100 hours

Adani Power biggest private power producer in the country

He gives about 3% of the Group’s earnings for philanthropic activities

The Adani group owns India’s largest private port

He was the first to have thought of the port-rail linkage policy

The Adani group’s combined borrowings are about Rs 2.21 lakh crore as of 2022