UPSC Prelims 2023: Polity Important Topics

official secrets act (100years) and 6th schedule ( ladakh demand)

Swarajya party (100 years) - Anti defection law

powers of governor and delimitation in Kashmir

EWS and Doctrine of adverse possession (Vidya Devi case)

9th schedule (Karnataka reservation) and Dy speaker (post vacant since 2 years)

doctrine of essential religious practices (hijab issue)

obc subcategorisation (Rohini commission) - Private members bill (UCC)

art 142, pardoning power of Pres (Perarivalan issue)

FCRA act (suspension of Sonia Gandhi ngo) - AAP (National party status)

MP/ MLA disqualification and star campaigners

judiciary appointments (collegium vs NJAC) - ED/CBI (powers and structure)

election symbols (reservation and allotment order 1968) (shiv Sena issue)

appoint of CEC - EC and inner line permit

Remote voting machine, proxy voting, postal ballot