Telangana Budget 2023-24: Sector Wise Allocations

Panchayat Raj - Rs 31,426cr

Agriculture - Rs 26831cr

Irrigation Sector - Rs 26885cr

Education Rs - 19,093cr

Energy Department - Rs12727cr

Health Department - Rs12161cr

Municipal Department - Rs 11372cr

Aasara Pensions - Rs 12000cr

Dalit Bandhu - Rs 17700cr

SDF for ST - Rs 15233cr and Home Department - Rs 9599cr

BC welfare - Rs 6229cr and Industries - Rs 4037cr

Kalyana Lakshmi - Rs 3210cr and Civil supplies Department - Rs 3117cr

Women & child welfare - Rs 2131cr and Minorities welfare - Rs 2200cr

Roads &Buildings - Rs 2500cr and Forest Department- Rs 1472cr