Important Topics of Science and Technology for Competitive Exams

Questions on Science and Technology are mandatory in Civils, Group-1,2,3,4 exams.

Know major innovations and development programs being registered in the fields of science and technology

Focus on the latest satellite launches and their benefits in daily life.

Government initiative for the development of this sector.

Role of S & T in the fields of education, medicine and society

Learn about computer usage, robotics and nanotechnology, which are crucial in information technology.

New satellite launches and new space programmes.

Contribution of space technology in education, agriculture, industrial development, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, climate change, etc.

Focus on Climate changes and Disaster Management.

Focus on biomass, waste-based energy generation, solar and wind power.

Nuclear technology and government inititatives in the sector.

Biotechnology should be studied extensively.

Diseases, vaccines, latest vaccine innovations

Must read NCERT books up to 12th class.