Chemistry Important Topics for EAMCET/EAPCET 2022

Chemistry should be divided into organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

Special attention should be paid to inorganic chemistry followed by organic and physical chemistry in terms of weightage.

Problem Based Questions are mainly asked from the Solutions Chapter in Physical Chemistry. Also focus on Roults Law, Ideal, Non-Ideal Solutions, Solubility, Melody, Melody, Vapor Pressure of Liquid Solutions etc.

Electrolysis, classification of Crystalline Solids in Solid State, X-ray Crystallography, Band Theory of Metals, Magnetic Properties, Nerts Equation in Electrochemistry Chapter.

Focus on Group Elements, Boiling, Melting Points, Electro Positivity, Electro Negativity, First Order Reaction, Types of Elements, Standard Reduction, Potential Volume.

Read thoroughly Borax, Diborane Structure, Preparation, Properties, Diamond, Graphite Structures, Silicones.

In addition, focus on D, F-block elements, standard reduction, potential value, Vesper theory, etc.

Organic chemistry: focus on hydrocarbons, alkynes, alkynes, homogenization, reaction with Bayers reagent, halogen, SL mechanisms, acid strength of phenols, carboxylic acids and amines.