American College Testing (ACT) to study UG in USA

ACT is an entrance exam for international students to pursueundergraduate (UG) courses at universities in the US, Canada and other countries.

The ACT score is accepted by nearly 200 universities in various countries.

The minimum age for candidates to write the test in 2021 should be 13 years.

The ACT begins in September each year and is held seven times until July.

ACT is for 175 minutes for a total of 215 questions in the four sections of the test.

ACT - English (45 minutes): It consists of 75 questions

ACT - Maths (60 minutes): Includes 60 questions

ACT - Reading (35 minutes): It consists of four parts

ACT - Science (35 minutes): 45 Questions

ACT - Writing Test: Optional section of 40 minutes duration