Top Tips to Improve Speed and Accuracy in Maths Problems

Take Random Values: If possible, take random values and put those into question. Lots of tough questions can be solved in this way.

Practice the Weaker Sections More: One must study at home carefully and find similar things which can improve his performance.

Remember Formulas: It is a good habit to note down in a separate paper all-important formulas, conversions, expressions, tricks you required while solving questions.

Don’t Memorize Tricks: Don’t memorize too many tricks as given in many books. It just creates more confusion in exam time.

Practice Using Rough Space: At home, we are in the habit of using rough space lavishly. Be prepared! In the exam, you won't find this much space.

Read the Questions Carefully: In the exam, read the questions carefully and look at the question in the Hindi language also if required.

Don’t Get Anxious: When the bell for the last 30 minutes rings many students get anxious as their performance was below their expectations and try to solve questions quickly.

Concentration: Concentration is the best instrument to enhance your speed and accuracy. Put your whole mind and soul into the question.