Important Mental Ability Topics for Competitive Exams

Logical Reasoning, Arithmetic, Data Interpretation

16–20 of the 150 questions in the General Studies paper are from Mental Ability

Number based questions: Arithmetic, Number series in Reasoning, Number Analogy, Number classification

Basic Numerology: natural numbers, integers, integers, irrational numbers, prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers

Principles of divisibility

Categories from 1 to 60, cubes from 1 to 20

Prime numbers upto 100

Addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), division (/) calculations should be done fast

Letter series, letter analogy, letter classification, coding-decoding elements are based on the English alphabet.

Learn A to Z, Z to A fast, position values ​​from A to Z should be known. Position values ​​are A-1, B-2, C-3 .... Y-25, Z-26

The reverse position values ​​of the letters A to Z should be known. A-26, B-25, .... Z-1

Reverse syllables from A to M should be known. Reverse syllables are A-Z, B-Y, C-X ... M-N

Practice Syllogisms, Seating Arrangements, Ages, Clocks, and basic arithmetic problems upto 10th standard level