Important Interview Tips for SSC CGL Exam

Be neat and clean, dress up properly.

Greet those present according to time of day. Good morning! or Good evening!

Don't go forward to shake hands with the interviewer unless he extends his own hand first.

Don’t look excited or nervous.

Speak clearly and loudly.

Speak with interest and enthusiasm.

Look into the eyes while you speak.

Be attentive. Concentrate when the interviewer speaks to you, listen carefully to what he says.

If you couldn’t follow a question properly, all you have to say is-“could you please repeat the question?”

Don’t interrupt interviewer while he is speaking.

Be modest while you describe your achievements.

Don’t just reply yes or no. Substantiate your view logically with arguments.

Be frank to say if you don't know answer.

Try to give comprehensive answers.

Once the interview end, get up and thank the interviewer.