CUET Psychology 2023 Topics and Weightage

Individual differences in human functioning; Assessment of psychological attributes; Intelligence: Individual differences in intelligence; Theories of intelligence; Culture and intelligence; Special abilities: Aptitude — nature, and measurement; Creativity; Emotional intelligence. - (Weightage 12%)

Self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-regulation; Culture and self; Concept of personality; Major approaches — Type and Trait, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behavioural, Cultural; Assessment of personality: Self-report measures, behavioral analysis, and projective measures. - (Weightage 12%)

Nature, types and sources of stress; Effects on psychological functioning and health; Coping with stress; Promoting a positive health and well-being - (Weightage 10%)

Concepts of abnormality and psychological disorders; Classification of disorders; Factors underlying abnormal behavior; Major psychological disorders – Anxiety, Somatic, Dissociative, Mood, Schizophrenic, Developmental and Behavioural-Substance use related. - (Weightage 12%)

Nature and process of therapy: Therapeutic relationship; Types of therapies: Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive, Behaviour and Bio-medical; Alternative therapies — Yoga, Meditation; Rehabilitation of mentally ill - (Weightage 10%)

Explaining social behavior: Impression formation and explaining the behavior of others through attributions; Social cognition; Schemas and stereotypes; Nature and components of attitudes; Attitude formation and change; Behaviour in the presence of others; Pro-social behavior; Prejudice and discrimination; Strategies for handling prejudice. - (Weightage 12%)

Conformity, Obedience, and Compliance; Cooperation and Competition; Nature and formation of groups; Types of groups; Social identity; Influence of the group on individual behavior; Intergroup conflicts; Conflict resolution strategies. - (Weightage 10%)

Human-environment relationship; Environmental effects on human behavior: Noise, pollution, crowding, natural disasters; Promoting pro-environmental behavior; Psychology and social concerns: Aggression, Violence, and Peace, Discrimination and Poverty, health, the impact of television on behavior - (Weightage 12%)

Effective psychological skills: Observational skills, Interviewing skills, Testing skills, Counselling skills — empathy, authenticity, positive regard, and Communication skills — listening. - (Weightage 10%)