Bank Exams: Top 13 Preparation Tips by Toppers

1. Be thorough with the syllabus.

2. Try to learn as many concepts as possible.

3. Planning before study is very important. Prepare a daily routine to provide time for each area.

4. Solve previous years’ bank question papers.

5. Practice Reasoning section regularly.

6. Instead of merely memorising try to understand the subjects.

7. Learn shortcut methods in Quantitative Aptitude for scoring high marks.

8. Improve grammar and vocabulary for English.

9. Be aware of the terms such as economics, financial rules, social development, banking rules, sports news and other important news.

10. Basic computer knowledge is necessary for banking exams.

11. Give special attention to improving weak areas.

12. Solve mock tests to improve speed and accuracy.

13. To face the Interview, candidates need to be confident.