10 Online Gaming Safety Tips by Telangana Police

1. Only make purchases related to the game through official websites.

2. Avoid clicking on links that take you to third-party websites.

3. Do not respond to requests for banking, financial, or personal information via email or direct message.

4. Never share personal information, identifying information, or account information on the internet.

5. Never share your login information with friends.

6. For the game login, use a strong password that is difficult to guess and consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols.

7. Try not to use the same password for multiple accounts.

8. Implement two-factor authentication.

9. Never click on any links requesting that you confirm your password. Instead, delete any email requesting that you update your login information

10. Avoid making purchases with debit cards. This is because credit cards typically provide greater security safeguards.