10 CBSE Topper Tips To Become a Topper in Class 10, 12 Board Exams

1. Collect all your syllabus then count your days.

2. Divide the syllabus as per the days, like 4 topics a day

3. Set a goal and complete them on a daily basis.

4. Focus on classes at school, coaching, wherever you are being taught, with full concentration.

5. Solve questions after studying a topic.

6. If you’re unable to solve then go back to the topic instead of understanding from the solution page.

7. Start from the basic questions and then reach to top and whenever you find something hard.

8. Recall all the topics after studying for a particular chapter.

9. After learning you can watch videos of the topic to make it understand in more depth level.

10. Complete your daily targets and before you know you’ll be a topper.