1. West Indian heritage He was adopted by an English couple, who then moved to Australia.

2. First-Class debut by Queensland during the 1994-95 against England team (108 not out)

3. Record sixes (16) in First-Class cricket

4. Symonds was picked for England A in 1995 but he withdrew as his heart lay in Australia.

5. Rugby League ambitions Symonds first played for Australia in 1998 at the young age of 23.

6. Symonds made his Test debut in Sri Lanka.

7. Symonds was controversial as he breached the team's rules several times.

8. Highest paid (1.35m) overseas cricketer in the maiden IPL auction

9. Monkeygate scandal and Harbhajan Singh's apology in 2008

10. Andrew Symonds participated in the Indian TV show Bigg Boss in 2011.