Important Facts about Human Body

Largest and strongest Bone in the body : Femur (thigh bone)

Smallest Bone in the body : Stapes in ear

Number of Cells in the body : 75 trillion

Volume of Blood in the body : 6 litres (in 70 kg body)

Number of Red Blood Cells (R.B.C.)

Life span of White Blood Cells (W.B.C.) : 3-4 days

Life span of Red Blood Cells (R.B.C.) : 100 to 120 days

Normal White Blood Cells (W.B.C.) count : 5000-10000/cubic mm

Weight of Brain : 1300-1400 gm in human adult

Normal Blood Pressure (B.P.) : 120/80 mm Hg

Largest Gland : Liver

Weight of Heart : 200-300 gm

Largest Muscle in the body : Gluteus Maximus or Buttock Muscle

Smallest Muscle in the body : Stapedius

Largest and longest Nerve : Sciatic Nerve