Benefits for H-1B Visa Holders

The ability to work in the U.S. through showcasing unique professional skills.

Stays permitted for up to six years.

Paid for the specialized skills

Not necessary to hold and maintain a foreign residence

The ability to change employer

The H-1B holder can still change employers if a green card application has been filed

Spouses and their children if they are under 21 might be offered the chance to enter and reside in the United States while the spouse holds an H-1B visa.

Children, under 21, and spouses of an H-1B holder, may attend school while in the United States either full or part-time.

H-1B visa holders can also attend school either part or full time as long as he or she still works for employer

Can hold part-time H-1B status as long as work is at least 50% of normal working hours for that job.

Can also work for more than one employer on a part-time basis.