UPSC Civils 2024: Top 10 Motivational And Inspirational Quotes By IAS Guru Vikas Divyakirti

“Why fear life? Whatever happens, whether something happens or not, it will be an experience.”

“Why be afraid of life? Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, it will be an experience.”

“If she asks me what troubles me, then what is there to be troubled about? If she asks me.”

“It was not about the body; I had to reach her heart. In deciding the long distance, it felt like ‘Oh naive heart, what has happened to you?'”

“A few moments of silence, and now the noise will come. Your time has come, our time will come.”

“What the world calls a magical toy is now just clay in my hands. What I found is soil, and what I didn’t find is gold.”

“If you are upset with someone, don’t make an enemy. It’s a waste of time. The best thing is to ignore. It saves a lot of time.”

“If there’s a desire to see, then let the eyes manifest.”

“Whenever I saw her, she seemed like iron, like molten iron, like a glowing ember. I saw her moving like a bullet.”