Top 8 New-age Upskilling Courses Every Professional Can Benefit in 2024-25

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Where: Platforms like Coursera (e.g., "Machine Learning" by Stanford University), edX (e.g., "AI for Everyone" by IBM), and Udacity (e.g., "Deep Learning Nanodegree").)

Data Science and Analytics (Where: DataCamp, Coursera (e.g., "Data Science Specialization" by Johns Hopkins University), and Udacity (e.g., "Data Analyst Nanodegree").)

Cybersecurity (Where: Platforms like Cybrary, Coursera (e.g., "Introduction to Cyber Security" by NYU), and edX (e.g., "Cybersecurity Fundamentals" by Rochester Institute of Technology).)

Blockchain Technology (Where: Coursera (e.g., "Blockchain Basics" by University at Buffalo), edX (e.g., "Blockchain for Business" by The Linux Foundation), and Udacity (e.g., "Blockchain Developer Nanodegree").)

Cloud Computing (Where: AWS Training and Certification, Coursera (e.g., "Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals"), and Udacity (e.g., "Cloud Developer Nanodegree"). )

Digital Marketing (Where: Google Digital Garage, Coursera (e.g., "Digital Marketing Specialization" by University of Illinois), and HubSpot Academy.)

Project Management (Agile and Scrum) (Where: Coursera (e.g., "Agile Development" by University of Virginia),, and PMI (Project Management Institute).)

User Experience (UX) Design (Where: Coursera (e.g., "UX Design" by California Institute of the Arts), Udacity (e.g., "UX Designer Nanodegree"), and Interaction Design Foundation.)